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Dolce&Gabbana, born in 1985, today is one of the most important group in the luxury goods production.
The meeting between Stefano Dolce, from Sicily, and Domenico Gabbana, from Milan, means a promise of success.
The tailoring experience of Dolce meets the flair for the style of Gabbana, giving rise to a sensual and charming woman who is proud of its origins.
She plays in a provocative way with the man, confusing the roles, wearing a sexy guèpiêre with a male pinstripe suit.
The Dolce&Gabbana man is strong,  maybe hedonist, attentive to the detail. He is a successful man, free and proud of where he comes from and of where he is going to.
The Dolce&Gabbana style reflects the tradition meeting the present time where the tailoring preciousity is considered a value which cannot be set aside.


$ 92.21


$ 92.21
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