The Boutiques

The historic Eleonora Bonucci’s boutique is situated in the very heart of the medieval city of Viterbo, 90 km north of Rome, a few minutes away from the striking Terme dei Papi spa.

The boutique is the ideal place for shopping and at the beginning, in 2001, it was dedicated in particular to footwear and leather goods.
In 2007 Eleonora Bonucci launched her second store, this time completely dedicated to men and women accessories and clothing; an elegant place where you can find the finest selection of international designers.

2012 is the year in which Eleonora Bonucci pointed at the neighboring region, Umbria, in the city of Terni, where she launched her third store. A modern temple of luxury, totally white, where glasses, lights and mirrors highlight the high quality and refinement of the women and men collections.


Corso Italia 118
01100 Viterbo
Tel: (0039) 0761307108

Corso Italia 1
01100 Viterbo
Tel: (0039) 0761772066

Via Saffi,18
01100 Viterbo
Tel: (0039) 0761340100

Eleonora Bonucci Kids:
Piazza Giuseppe Verdi, 1

01100 Viterbo
Tel: (0039) 07611523252



Via Barberini 12-14
05100 Terni
Tel: (0039) 0744407219


Men's Store:
Via Giuseppe Mazzini, 20
06123 Perugia

Tel: (0039) 0755730651

Women's Store:
Corso Pietro Vannucci, 9
06121 Perugia

Tel: (0039) 0755724926

Città di Castello

Piazza Valerio Gildoni, 1A
06012 Città di Castello 

Tel: (0039) 0758554739