The Total Price of the Products indicated on the Website is expressed in Euros or, for Users accessing from foreign countries, in the current currency of the country from which access is made. In any case that payment can only be made in Euros at the exchange rate applicable at the time of payment.

Users are informed that there are some factors which can affect the prices, including:

  • brand geopricing policies (brands indicate variable prices to the Seller depending on the country where the Products are sold);
  • any customs duties, which will be borned by the Users;
  • type of Users. Customers who make purchases beyond a certain threshold (quantitative and/or price) may be entitled to special discounts;
  • sales, the duration of which may vary from country to country;
  • use of promotional codes;
  • shipping cost.

The User may pay the Products by choosing from the methods indicated on the "Payment Methods" page accessible on the Website footer and/or during the Checkout phase. These methods include:

Credit cards

Payment for the Products can be made using the credit cards indicated on the "Payment Methods" page accessible via the footer of the Website and/or during the Checkout phase.

Cash on delivery (valid only for purchases made in Italy)

Payment for Products purchased on the Website can be made upon delivery directly to the courier, using the "cash on delivery" or similar option. As required by law, payment can be made in cash, up to the maximum value permitted by law at the time of purchase or by cashier's check made out to the shipping company (Bartolini S.p.A.). Users are informed that cash on delivery has an additional cost of € 8.50. If the legal limit for cash payments is exceeded, the User is required to contact the Seller at the addresses referred to in art. 1.1, for instructions in this regard.

Bank transfer

Payment for Products purchased on the Website can be made by bank transfer to the coordinates that will be communicated to the User by e-mail. The User has to specify the order code in the bank transfer order. Users are informed that:

  1. they must send a copy of the payment by e-mail to the address;
  2. if a copy of the payment is not received within 48 working hours of sending the Order Confirmation Communication, the order will be canceled;
  3. if within 7 days of sending the Order Confirmation Communication the payment relating to the order will not be credited to the Seller's bank account, the order will be considered as not made.

Therefore, it is understood that the shipment of the Products is suspended until the Seller receives the Total Price on his bank account, as indicated in point (iii) above.

Third Party Payment Suppliers

The payment of the Products purchased on the Website can be made through third-party payment suppliers (such as, by way of example, Paypal*, Alipay etc.). In such cases, the User will be redirected to the website and/or application of the third-party payment supplier where he/she will make the payment according to the procedures provided therein and based on the contractual conditions provided by this supplier.

*Eleonora Bonucci accepts payments from PayPal accounts and reserves the right to process orders only if dispatched to the same address that the verified PayPal account is registered with.

Further methods indicated on the Website

In any case, the payment of the Products purchased on the Website may be made through any additional methods indicated by the Seller on the "Payment Methods" page accessible via the Website footer and/or in the Checkout phase.

Users are informed that the Data relating to payment transactions will not transit on the servers used by the Seller, and will only be processed by third parties in possession of adequate quality certifications.

The User may request the Seller the invoice for the amounts paid, by following the appropriate procedure during the Checkout phase or by e-mail to the address no later than 24 hours after receipt of the Order Confirmation Communication. Users are informed that any billing requests received after the deadline indicated above will not be accepted. The User is solely responsible for the correct insertion and/or correct communication of the billing data.

The User is informed that, in order to limit the consequences of illegal conduct (e.g. identity theft), the following provisions will apply:

    (a) in the event that the User chooses a third-party payment suppliers (e.g. Paypal) and the delivery address chosen does not correspond to the address indicated at the aforementioned third-party payment services, the Seller will notify the User of this circumstance and the User may decide between the following alternatives: (i) use a different payment method; (ii) request a refund;

    (b) in the event that, in the Checkout phase, the method of payment by credit card is chosen, the Seller uses third-party services that report potentially fraudulent transactions. The Seller therefore reserves the right not to process orders for which it has received a potentially fraudulent transaction report.

For more details read: General Terms Of Sale